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The Dyslexic Writer

Are you afraid to hit SEND or POST because of spelling errors or typos that you just cannot see?

This is a support group for authors who want their message heard and their writing read not discredited for a few errors.

Dyslexic Writer Dyslexic Writer

Knowingly growing up dyslexic; The Brutal Truths

1984 – Fever/ 1986 – Sad / 1989 – Panic / 1990 – Fear / 1992 – Anger /1993 – Crushed /1995 – Fraud

Happy Mother’s Day!

……your calendar just exploded!!


it May not be you

Too tired for Romance?

find your romance
find your romance

Happy Valentine’s Day…

senses. seduce yourself
Seduce Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Shared Secrets

Touch and be touched; seduce yourself with your senses. Touch your soft curves
Touch your curves

Seduce Yourself using your Senses

  1. Sound Dirt – Talk Dirty (without feeling dirty)
  2. Touch and Be Touched
  3. Scent- the Unassuming Senses
  4. Taste Sensual
  5.  Sight – Watch Yourself
sehses, seduce yoursel, sex, Valentine's Day
Seduce Yourself

A couple’s guild to revisit conflict

communication dos and don'ts
Argument Aftermath

Monthly Feature – May

Tips, tricks and warnings on how to use the Silent Treatment

silent treatment speaks
The Silent Treatment

All a Marriage Needs;

2 tool to save your marriage

all a marriages needs
2 tools


Victim Blaming – Why didn’t I Tell?

victim blaming
Victim Blaming Silences Victims



I Choose Vigilance

What would you do if you saw this on public transit?

suspicious on public transit choose vigilance
choose vigilance

Stay young forever with…


Do you suffer from Thirty Something Someday Syndrome
Do you suffer from Thirty Something Someday Syndrome

Mental Health Awareness

Depression Hurts

Journal Entries – unknown author

Tom wants to Talk 




The Only Road is one of life’s little secrets.  It refers to so many things.crossroad

…second chances are not a matter of starting over, but the rare opportunity….

Life is a journey. No matter what course you take it is your only road.  Even when second chances present themselves; it is not a matter of starting over, but the rare opportunity to find yourself upon the same cross roads as before just a little further along your path.  At a point where there is more mileage on your speedometer and luggage in the trunk.

Whether you walk or drive this journey alone or with a companion or two it is always important to see where you are from different perspectives, understand that others have traveled that exact stretch and accept that regardless of how prepared you are there will be speed bumps and dead ends.

The Only Road has insight on travel plans.  That is not to suggest that the advice, stories or recommendations are right for you.  It is to offer a wider horizon to allow you to find your own way.  Hopefully, The Only Road will provide a map with a little more detail and clarity than the one you already have.feet

If nothing else, you have reading material and a source of entertainment to help pass the time.

sex, valentine's day, lingerie, for him,
The self-serving gift





Insights on life's little screts according to MLE Wright