Sound Dirty

1 – Sounds Dirty – Talk Dirty

How to sound dirty or talk dirty without feeling dirty.

Talking or sounding dirty does not have to be crude or graphic. It is quite simply the combination of words and their timing. Just saying things that are swirling in your mind could bring your pleasure to a whole new level. Your body will react.

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sound dirty

The thrill of saying things never before dared on your tongue, hearing the delicious sounds pass your lips and the response you will surely get from your partner, is too exhilarating not to try.

For the hesitant, blushing first timers, I suggest you begin when your lips are close to your partner’s ear. That way they can be whispered. If this is completely out of character for you, what you say does not have to be something you expect someone with Tourette’s to say. You could just moan. I kid you not.  Making pleasurable sounds, just loud enough for you and your partner to hear,  while cuddling and caressing will heighten arousal.

Many women will admit that…

…the act of faking an orgasm has itself triggered climax.

Why do you think that is? Because…

erotic sounds, especially your own erotic sounds, are stimulating.

Your body reacts to your own sounds and your partner’s response whether audible or physical. When your body responds, it seeks for pleasure. You will thrive and rock with a willingness to explore and be explored.

As the passion intensifies so can your sounds. Describe what you like. Not in novel form just a statement here and there. If the idea of speaking body parts makes you recoil, than don’t say them. Refer to them by using ‘you’re’ and ‘I’m.” Stick to adjectives. ‘You are so hard, and smooth.’ See, you could be describing his back or arms. “You’re touch drives me crazy.” Or, “I’m so hot for you.”

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Sounds of Sex

These words should not be forced, just close your eyes and breathe them.

It is that simple. Nothing I have suggested is too risky.

It took me a long time to say things extremely dirty. The first time I did, my husband reacted so viscerally that I sent him over the edge before I had even warmed up. This only led to a very welcomed ‘twice in one night’.

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Good luck. Have fun and happy Valentine’s day.

If what I have recommended is still outside of your comfort zone, consider reading erotica.  To yourself is fine and it may inspire your imagination to grab hold of things you are comfortable saying. But reading it aloud, to or with your partner brings seduction to a whole new level.  Here is one of my favorites.

Last Round.  



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