Seduce Yourself

Touch and be touched, seduce yourself
Touch and be touched

What is pleasing to the touch may not be pleasing to the eye.

Shared Secret, seduce yourself, use your senses
walking hanger

If you have allowed the image of the typical runway model to cloud your idea of beauty, I would like to remind you that they model clothing. They are essentially walking coat hangers.

Think about it.  Most men love to touch, caress and sometimes squish together breasts. It does not matter if they are large or small, all breasts are soft, round and fleshy. This pleasurable sensation of touch is not limited to what fills the cups of a bra, it goes for all deliciously doughy parts; the derrière, hips, upper thighs, and stomach.

Touch and be touched; seduce yourself with your senses. Touch your soft curves
Touch your curves
Where do your fingers linger most?…
…when curled up in a comfortable embrace with your partner?  
I’ll bet your fingers linger somewhere soft. Again, what is pleasing to the touch may not necessarily be pleasing to the eye. We can thank Cosmopolitan for that, but that is another blog all together.
I find myself threading my fingers through the soft patch of curls at the base of my husband’s back. Yep, he has a hairy back.
My fingers love it, my eyes – not so much.

You can use your own touch to seduce yourself.

Here’s how. If you harbour any insecurities regarding your body, they need to fall away.  You are sexy, sensual and desirable.  I can prove it.
shared Secrets, seduce yourself, use your senses
Soft and Smooth

Before a night of romance, like Valentine’s day,  shower or bathe by candle light.  Do all the things that make you feel softest, feminine and beautiful. Lather, shave, moisturise, do your make up, hair or don’t do anything.  This is about you and your seduction.

Shared Secrets, Seduce Yourself, use your senses

Then, slip on the prettiest panties set or negligee you own. While in the warm, candle lit bathroom consider how the fabric feels against your naked skin. Touch your freshly washed flesh. Feel what your partner will feel. Close your eyes if need be and fully tap into the sensation of touching and being touched. This sense is so important and your body will respond just take your time and linger.

Feel your loose hair at your neck. The curve of your shoulder. The shape of your arm. The lines of your lingerie. Outline your face with the side of your finger. Draw your thumb feather like over your mouth. Touch your fingers to your tongue.
It won’t take long before you feel like the most sensual woman alive.
Then, join your partner and prove it to yourself.
If you were tense waiting for me to suggest that you masturbate, than you need to relax and reread the last few paragraphs.  Asking you to try and be something your not is called role-playing and doesn’t work for the less adventurous.  On the other hand, if you are into that, by all means touch and play until your hearts content. In fact some shower heads work wonders.
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Seduce Yourself
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