Dyslexic Writer


Many use this word as a punch line

but if you are someone who has learned to live with an alternative perception, dyslexia is no joke.


As a dyslexic writer, I am blind to my own errors. Reading is a decoding process.  Therefore, I cannot find my own spelling mistakes, typos, or grammatical errors.  Once they are pointed out to me, they come off the page like a Mac truck.  Because of this, ‘SEND’  and ‘POST’ are the scariest functions of all.

Support for writers with Learning Disabilities 

I am looking for writers who are fearful of sharing their work because of dyslexia.  My hope is to unite a community of writers with learning disabilities to provide a safe, judgment-free environment to exchange writing and share ideas.

If this is something you can relate to, I welcome you to subscribe, join the Dyslexic Writer through other social media or contact me anonymously.

Dyslexic Writer
Dyslexic Writer

Not all amazing stories are written by perfect authors and not every spelling error is indicative of a writer’s intelligence or work ethic.

Every author who has volunteered to read my book inevitably meets their error threshold and discredits me immediately.  My confidence has taken a beating but I refuse to give up.

I am not offering beta reading or editing.  This is only an opportunity to have your writing read through in its entirety as a way of evaluating the likeability of its content, plot, and characters. This would be in exchange for reading mine.

The Only Road

by Emily Wright

Follow my journey growing up unknowingly dyslexic.

1984 – Fever

1984 Brutal Truth

1989  –  Panic

Dyslexic Writer, panic over reading aloud
Dyslexic Panic

1990 – Fear

Dyslexic Writer; 1990 Brutal Truth. Fear
DW: Fear

1992 – Anger

Dyslexic Writer - anger a brutal truth 1992

1993 – Crushed

Dyslexic Writer; Brutal Truth ; Crushed

1995 – Fraud

Dyslexic Writer; Brutal Truth 1995. Fraud

Insights on life's little screts according to MLE Wright